Survey highlights need for Open Farm Sunday

A survey of 1000 British adults, carried out ahead of Open Farm Sunday (10 June), has revealed that 23% of people did not realise that bread originates from a British farm.


It also showed that 22% did not believe sausages and bacon come from a farm and 35% didn’t know that porridge originates there.


Levels of knowledge were even lower among 16-24-year-olds.


The survey revealed that 29% of adults (and 42% of 16-24 year olds) have never been on a working farm.


However when asked to name activities that British farmers are doing to help the environment, 40% mentioned reducing non-essential chemical use, 35% cited encouraging wildlife, 35% said replanting hedgerows and 19% named sowing wild flowers.


Unfortunatly, 40% were not able to name any activities.


Open Farm Sunday is organised by Linking Environment with FArming (LEAF).


Caroline Drummond, LEAF chief executive, said:  “Open Farm Sunday is a great opportunity for consumers, young and old to visit a local farm and find out why farming matters so much in the 21st Century.


“Farmers will be on hand to explain to visitors just what they do to protect the land and the wildlife and of course to produce safe, wholesome and affordable food for us all.”


To find out where your nearest open farm will be, perhaps so you can offer to lend a hand, visit  and click on Find a Farm Near You.

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