Video: Why livestock auction markets are vital to rural life

A recent report by the Livestock Auctioneers Association put the value of livestock marts to the economy of England and Wales at £3.5bn annually.

Over 100 livestock markets still remain in England and Wales, supporting 3,000 jobs and they are crucial to farmers to ensure buyers and sellers get a fair price for their livestock.

There is another value to livestock marts, which is hard to put a price on. They offer an opportunity for farmers to meet up and socialise, especially for those who may suffer from rural isolation.

We visit Whitland market and hear from auctioneers, farmers and market workers on how the market is a valuable asset to the community.

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Ffermio presenters (left to right Alun Elidyr, Meinir Howells, Daloni-Metcalfe

Ffermio presenters (left to right) Alun Elidyr, Meinir Howells and Daloni-Metcalfe