Wanted: Two farming industry ‘heroes’

The countdown is on to the 2017 Farmers Weekly Awards – but we’re still looking for two very special people.

While judging is now under way in most categories, we still accepting nominations for the Farming Champion and the Lifetime Achievement awards.

In previous years, Farmers Weekly readers have been fantastic at suggesting people they think could be worthy winners for these two awards.

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All we need are the names of the individuals (and you can do it in confidence if you’d prefer to) and, if you’d like to, a line or two on why you think they should be considered.

People are sometimes modest about their own achievements, after all, so this is a great chance to give someone a bit of much-deserved recognition and a thank you from their peers.

You can nominate anyone – it might be a relative, a friend, a neighbour, a colleague, a professional contact or an old college peer. It might even be someone you’ve never met, but who you admire.

Nominating someone is quick and easy – and there are details below of what sorts of characteristics/achievements we’re looking for.

Farming Champion

The award, which we run in conjunction with the NFU, will go to someone who has gone over and above the call of duty to support and serve other farmers.

It’s someone who does their day job, then goes the extra mile to back British farming, food or help other farmers or their families.

They may well look beyond their own business self-interest to promote the wider goals or interests of our industry. Anybody of any age or background could be a contender.

The 2016 winner was Cambridgeshire farmer Michael Sly for his efforts educating the public about agriculture and his great efforts taking part in Open Farm Sunday.

Previous winners include Lincolnshire grower Andrew Ward for his work with the Forage Aid campaign; James Chapman who, having been involved in a life-threatening farm accident, used his experience to spread the safety message; and the Durham-based Hutchinson family who collaborated with a filmmaker to document the realities of hill farming.

Lifetime Achievement Award

David Richardson

David Richardson is a previous winner of the Farmers Weekly Awards Lifetime Achievement title

We’re looking for someone who, over a prolonged period, has really made a difference.

They might be well-known and in the public eye, or they might be beavering away behind the scenes.

Either way, over many years – or possibly even decades – they’ll have made a big contribution to agriculture or the countryside in any of its many guises or one of the ancillary sectors. 

Previous winners include commentator David Richardson; Professor John Nix; and farmer Lord Henry Plumb.

Simply email your suggestions to Tim Relf at tim.relf@rbi.co.uk.

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