YFC 2009: FW unveils special guest for Blackpool

FW’s agony uncle Farmer Frank will be joining the Young Farmers for their annual convention and agm in Blackpool this weekend.

The cult figure (well, a lifesize effigy of him) will be touring the town, giving YFC members the chance to have their picture snapped with him.

There’ll be a special gallery on the website showing pictures of members with him – and of Frank in a series of strange (possibly compromising) situations in the seaside resort.

Famed for his common sense and dry wit (OK, his political incorrectness and rudeness), he’s become a popular figure in rural circles, dispensing remedies on everything from problematic collies to nasty rashes.

He’s old, he’s curmudgeonly and he’s offensive – and Young Farmers love him! He’s pictured here with FW’s Tim Relf (Frank’s the one on the left if you’re wondering!)

So, come and say hello to Farmer Frank if you spot him with the FW team. A picture of you and your club with the countryside’s favourite agony uncle is a must for your Blackpool scrapbook.

  • We’ll be bringing you full coverage of the biggest event in the YFC calendar proceedings over the weekend (news, photos, videos and blogging) at our special YFC area on the website.

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