2,000gns top at Benash Warren herd dispersal

The dispersal sale of James Liddiard’s Marlborough based flying herd of 175 milking cows took place at the Bristol Sales Centre with 27 successful buyers in attendance from 11 counties including Carmarthenshire, Cornwall and Leicestershire.


The high yielding loose housed herd calved all year round and including a large proportion of cows imported from Holland as heifers.


The top price of 2,000gns was given by M J and M D Day of Wadebridge, Cornwall, for a third calver.  She had been calved for six weeks and was giving 44kgs daily after recording 10,242kg in her second lactation.


The same buyers paid 1,950gns for a second calver that had been calved 10 days, and 1,900gns for another second calver.


Average:  175 cows, £1,100.46 (Gwilym Richards and Co)