And the Northern Irish are here too!

A quick tour of SIMA reveals the presence of more UK stock in the form of impressive Limousin bull Sauvignon from the Crawford brothers. Admittedly bringing a Limousin bull to Paris is a little bit like taking coal to Newcastle, but its good to see UK cattle back in Europe again.

Sauvignon takes on the might of the French Limousins tomorrow and it’ll be interesting to see how he measures up.

As predicted the Holstein lines here are full to bursting with a highly impressive line up of cows to be judged later in the week. But while the Crawford boys have moved heaven and earth to get Sauvignon into France, DEFRA, meanwhile, aren’t so keen to have him back in the UK, insisting he remains in France for 30 days after the show.

While no one wants to see disease enter the UK, this is a serious case of gold plating on the UK’s part. Had Sauvignon been heading back to Northern Ireland, Eire or any other European country he could have headed straight back from the show.

But because he’s heading back to England in preparation for the summer show circuit, he’s become entangled in DEFRA’s web of rules and all that involves. So, its not so much a case of an open market, but more of a slightly ajar one – madness!


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