Any bets on top price for Smiddiehill sale?

If the catalogue is anything to go by tomorrow’s Smiddiehill dispersal at Bristol Livestock Centre is going to be a scorcher…..I can’t wait!

I shall attempt to bring you updated coverage from the ringside providing “modern technology” lets me!!

I’m not even going to hazard a guess at what will make the money…….I had a chat with auctioneer Tom Brooksbank of Norton and Brooksbank the other day and we’re both of the opinion we could see some serious money spent. Trade for quality dairy cattle is going through the roof at the moment – we’ve already seen bids in the 10,000gns region at the Painely sale a couple of weeks back so who knows what this one will do!

Rest assured the world and his wife will be out on force tomorrow! I just hope the daughter of a certain cloned animal doesn’t take the edge of things. I’ve read some pretty stupid stuff in the national press about it – I just wish these reporters would speak to people in the know to get their facts. I had to laugh when the Daily Mail ran a picture of her, or so they thought. She did well to calve down and have a full bag seeing as she was only born last year!!!!