Badger proof cattle feed bucket could prevent TB spread

A Herefordshire farmer has developed a badger-proof mineral bucket for cattle to improve biosecurity against bovine TB.

The TB Buster, developed by farmer Alan Hughes, has been designed to prevent contact between badgers and cattle to improve biosecurity and reduce the risk of bovine TB spread.

The device measures 70cm tall and consists of a vertical post screwed into the ground using an auger, with the ability to hold various sizes of mineral lick buckets.

A three-month trial at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) has confirmed the effectiveness of the TB Buster. Commenting on the study, project leader at RAU, Dr Rhiannon Fisher, said: “This study provides evidence of an effective measure that can be used by farmers to reduce contact between cattle and badgers on grazing land.”

Mr Hughes added: “Vets are constantly telling us to raise our mineral buckets to stop badgers eating our profits. Yet, I couldn’t find any suitable products on the market, so I made one the way farmers like them – easy and practical to use,” he said.

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