Bath and West cattle results

Well, flash floods may have turned the roads around Shepton Mallet and the Bath and West Showground into rivers yesterday, but the showground has stood up well with the ground largely firm under foot this morning and stock looking well.

As I’m judging interbreed sheep groups later today I haven’t ventured to the sheep lines yet, but I’ve done a tour of the cattle lines and while numbers are down on normal, the quality is as high as ever. Full results are listed below and pictures will follow later today….


Interbreed D and A Wheeler’s Limousin heifer Rosecroft Versace; res, P and M Richman’s cow Lowerhope 1 Orange.

Interbreed Group Limousin; res, Simmental.

Aberdeen Angus C J Hutchings’ cow Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel; res, A E and C R Bishop’s heifer Warrenho Juliet Erica.

Beef Shorthorn B Wear’s cow Redhill Bundaberg Lovely; res, LEP Farms’ bull Meonhill Aslan.

British Blonde The Whitley Herd’s bull Cassus; res, The Whistley Herd’s cow Uncinate.

British Limousin D and A Wheeler’s heifer Rosecroft Versace; res, C J Hutchings’ bull Goldies Trophy.

British Simmental D B Mills’ cow Wishful Lavender; res, R J Edmunds’ bull Castle Tonto.

Devon G David and Family’s bull Knowstone Fitzroy; res, M and D Cowell’s heifer Barton Camilla.

Hereford P and M Richman’s cow Lowerhope 1 Orange; res, P T English’s bull Churchlands Estate 1 Batavia.



Interbreed Chettle Guernsey Cream’s Guernsey cow Cracker Duchess; res, R K and S G Miller and Sons’ Holstein cow Moorshard Jordi Tellar.

Guernsey Chettle Guernsey Cream’s cow Cracker Duchess; res, M C Durbin’s cow Bickfield Valerie 20.

Holstein R K and S G Miller’s cow Moorshard Jordi Tellar; res, C B Cooper Partnership’s Noremead Millenium Carmen.

Jersey C Wadman’s heifer Wisteria Paramount Bon Bon; res, J R Daw’s cow Sowden Juno Ceres 2.

Dexter P W Hunt’s cow Saltaire Art; res, J Knight’s bull Sollershope Tippet.