Bluetongue meetings for south west farmers

South-west farmers will next week have a chance to learn more about the threat bluetongue poses to their livestock in the latest of a series of meetings aimed at helping producers understand the full implicatons of this devastating disease.

The meetings, organised by NSA, NBA, LAA and the NFU and supported by Farmers Weekly and Intervet, will feature a range of speakers including a leading vet and a member of DEFRA‘s core stakeholder group, both of whom will be able to explain the danger bluetongue poses and what UK farmers can do to counter its threat.

Alongside these speakers will be a vet from Intervet, the vet medicine manufacturer which recently won the tender to supply bluetongue vaccine to DEFRA.

NSA chief executive Peter Morris says the placing of a vaccine order by DEFRA provides the UK livestock industry with a real chance to beat the virus before it becomes established in the UK. “Everyone who keeps susceptible livestock has a duty to his animals to learn all he can about the disease and what he can do to tackle it. These meetings give everyone the opportunity to learn more about the problem and the existing movement restrictions.”

Two meetings will be staged next week, one at Exeter Livestock Market at 1pm on 16 January and another at the new Sedgemoor Livestock Market at 7pm on the same day.

Anyone wishing to attend either meeting should notify NSA in advance by telephoning 01684 892 661.