Dairy Event 2010: Herd management data made plain

A new herd management report will allow dairy farmers to visually assess all key data about dairy herd performance in a clear simple single page report.

The Genus ABS Herd Health Report is designed to prevent managers having to wade through reams of information much of which is historic, and instead allows them to focus on the performance of the herd today, explained Genus technical director John Cook.

“Herd performance is a cumulative effect of how a cow is being managed, so measurements should reflect this in a current way.

“All performance including milk production, fertility and health is a physical manifestation of what is happening at a tissue level in the udder, ovaries, uterus etc. If we want to understand what is happening, we need to use numbers which tell us accurately, and as soon as possible what impact our management practices are having on current tissue function. Wading through a stack of historic data will not do this.”

The report extracts key, current data from milk records and presents it in a clear and easily interpreted graphical form. It examines data on culling by stage of lactation, transition cow performance and new mastitis infection rates.

• For more information contact John Cook on 07772 227 893 or your local Genus rep.