Farmer Focus: One of best haymaking years

The diary this summer reads very differently to previous years. Winter barley has been harvested, with better quality than last year, along with higher yields, and top-quality straw.

These bales are now stored on top of the of second-cut pit silage. It was cut dry, and although it received a few showers, it still formed a bulky crop.

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The glorious 12 August saw the hay baled, which was better late than never. The 8ha field yielded 220 4ft pre-chopped bales.

Hay-making in the Adam family has always been a stressful job.

Weather forecasts are downloaded and studied hard, not forgetting a wee drive around the Vale of Strathmore to see how many other hay makers have taken the plunge and let the mowers loose.

There’s nothing more rewarding than making good hay that keeps shepherd Brian happy.

Cows and calves are doing well on grass and some imported nitrogen has been delivered to give the grass an extra boost.

The cows are beginning to get on top of it and with a larger number of lambs due down from the Glen this season, every blade of grass will be needed.

We have had a few problems with cattle’s feet, mainly due to the wet conditions on the land.

Our cow catcher, which fits on to the front of the forklift has been well used and allows us to treat an animal without having to walk the herd back into the steading, which for us involves the hazard of crossing a main road.  

Our eldest son Andrew is now 17 and heads away to Oatridge Agricultural College this month to do an HNC.

While working at home this year he gained his level three modern apprenticeship in mixed farming allowing him to gain entry into college this year.

This is a handy option for anyone wishing to leave school before sitting higher exams.

This is the last news from Newhouse of Glamis; we have both enjoyed writing our wee stories. Thank you for reading them, and we wish the new faces on the Farmer Focus farmer pages well.

Bob and Kay Adam run 100 pedigree Limousin and Charolais cows on their 222ha family farm in Angus and rent a 728ha hill farm running 640 ewes and 30 suckler cows