Farmers must register to keep using CTS Online

Farmers are being urged to get on and register with the Government Gateway so they can continue to use the cattle reporting website CTS Online.

The site, run by the British Cattle Movement Service, is being upgraded to offer new features to farmers.

However, this means that from 6 October it will be accessible only via the Government Gateway, with which farmers must register to use it.

Farmers will be able to register for the cattle reporting system after 6 October – but it is a simpler process if they sign up before that date.

Paul Caldwell, head of BCMS, said: “Enrolling is a quick and simple process that farmers or agents only have to do once. All they need are two specific pieces of information, called ‘known facts’, which are explained in the detailed instructions we have sent to all CTS online users.”

The new features available to farmers after the upgrade include the ability to view up-to-date information about their last six months’ transactions and to highlight any corrections.

The Rural Payments Agency has pointed out that registering with the Government Gateway will also give access to other farming-related government services, including SPS Online.

Anyone who is already registered with the Gateway should just need to enrol to use CTS online.

Have you registered yet? See how others are getting on with it on the forums.