Seaweed extract raises performance

Feeding Acid Buf, a calcified seaweed extract, to cereal-fed beef cattle could improve production efficiency by increasing daily liveweight gain, reducing the number of days to reach slaughter and improving performance.

The conclusions were drawn after research carried out by Simon Marsh of Harper Adams University College, Shropshire.

Acid Buf contains calcium and magnesium as well as a range of trace minerals, said Mr Marsh.

“It’s claimed benefits are excellent acid absorbency, long-term buffering activity and fine particle size for optimum availability to overcome problems with acidosis in high starch based rations, making it ideal for cereal-fed beef cattle.”

Trial groups fed Acid Buf showed a significant increase in daily liveweight gain and took 16 days less to reach slaughter.

There was also a reduction in total feed intake with Acid Buf and a marked improvement in feed conversion, he added.