Task force launched to eradicate bovine TB

The European Commission’s TB task force has been invited to the UK “early next year” to advise the government on controlling bovine TB.

The invitation came as an industry task force was launched to help DEFRA develop a strategy for eradicating the disease.

The TB eradication group, made up of representatives from DEFRA, the farming industry and vets, will make recommendations to the government on the disease.

In an industry statement, England’s cattle industry organisations said the group would review the governmen’ts current TB strategy and help develop a formal plan to eventually eradicate the disease.

The group will look at a vaccination plan for cattle and badgers, as well as any scientific development which could help control the disease

“It will also assess options to help farmers in high-incidence areas maintain viable businesses when under disease restrictions,” the industry statement said.

“In carrying out this work the group will have full access to information on DEFRA’s TB budget and be able to make recommendations on its use within DEFRA’s funding ceilings,” it added.

“It will also be able to make recommendations for additional expenditure where these can be supported by a robust business case.”

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