Yeast products aim for EU approval

Sel-Plex, the live yeast feed additive withdrawn from use in the EU earlier this year should be back on the market early next year, according to manufacturer Alltech.

The company’s managing director Jem Clay says his is hopeful that the EU commission will approve Sel-Plex for sale as a feed additive following submission of an approval application.

“The application is currently being evaluated by the European Food Standards Authority working party which will report its findings in the next few weeks.

“The application currently lodged is being evaluated to authorise Sel-Plex for use in a number of species, including cattle, pigs and poultry and a further application will be lodged covering sheep, goats, turkeys and horses next year.”

Meanwhile, Biosaf SC47 from Lesaffre has recently  been awarded Annex 1 status, authorising its use in dairy diets. Other live yeast feed additives currently approved for use in the EU include Yea-Sacc, also manufactured by Alltech (see table).

Product name EU number

Animal approved

E1704 Dairy
Beef (for finishing)
Horses *
 Levucell SC
E1711 Dairy
Beef (for finishing)
Biosaf SC47
(Le Saffre)
E1702 Dairy
Beef (for finishing)
No 14
 Dairy +











+ Provisional until May 2007
* Provisional until March 2008