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Youngstock management in flocks is a vital component of productivity and key to maintaining a good health status. Keep up with the major issues affecting ewe and ram lamb replacements including newborn care, breed selection, genetics, disease prevention and purchasing policy.

Case studies

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4 ways a Worcs farmer has made indoor lambing easier

A decade ago, Sam Jones from Brookhouse Farm, Redditch, Worcestershire, used to run 2,000 North of England Mules alongside his arable enterprise before he made the decision to cut his…


Earlier lamb weaning slashes costs for Welsh flock

Weaning lambs a month earlier is one of a series of changes that has enhanced the performance of a Welsh lowland flock. Ben Anthony and Diana Fairclough run 700 ewes…

Practical advice

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5 key steps for ewe and lamb management at weaning

With prolonged cold weather holding back grass growth in many regions, early weaning of lambs could be beneficial to ewe condition this spring. Research and industry advice mostly agrees on…


8 key steps to successful surplus lamb management

While no sheep farmer particularly wants to end up with surplus lambs, which have a particularly bad reputation, when reared well they can provide a decent margin. A recent trial…


7 key lambing diseases: How to prevent and treat them

Lamb and ewe losses are greatest around lambing time. By reducing these more lambs will be reared which can improve the bottom line for sheep farmers. There are many different…


Q&A: How to prevent and treat lamb coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a costly disease, impacting lamb health and performance. Sheep health specialist Dr Fiona Lovatt advises how to manage the disease effectively to ensure lamb performance isn’t affected this…


Advice for weaning lambs to help reduce stress

While some early lambing producers may have weaned already, those that have not should try to get routine jobs done before weaning so that lambs are handled as little as…


Vet Viewpoint: Good progress with Scottish BVD eradication

In this round-up of livestock health issues, representatives from the XL Vets Group touch on Scottish BVD eradication progress and highlight an increase in cases of LDA in Cheshire. This…



Weaning lambs early could offer big benefits, trial shows

Early weaned lambs can grow as fast – if not – faster than their unweaned equivalents when fed legume-based forages. Research by New Zealand’s Massey University has found with the right…