British Blue bull secures £5,700 at Kirky Stephen Mart

The Annual New Fair sale of beef breeding cattle at Kirkby Stephen Mart resulted in a top call of £5,700 for a British Blue Bull.

The 25 month old bull from Messrs Tiplady, Powis House, was bought by Messrs Allinson, West Briscoe.

Meanwhile a Limousin x heifer with Limousin bull calf at foot from Messrs Taylor, Swathburn, achieved £2,480.

In all the average for cow and calves at foot was up £262.12 on this time last year, and the average price for heifers and calves was up £240.97 on the year.

Topping the cow and calves at £2480 was a shapely Limousin cross Heifer with a Limousin bull calf at foot from Messrs Taylor, Swathburn. 

The sale also included a show, and  judge Mr M Wallace awarded his first prize to a British Blue heifer with a Limousin Bull calf at foot which went on to sell for £2,200 to Messrs Hayton, Asby Grange.

(Harrison and Hetherington)