British Lops hit 410gns at Melton Mowbray

Top call at Saturday’s sale of British Lops at Melton Mowbray was a 410gns bid for an in-pig gilt from the Eustice family. This was Bezurrell Actress 240 which sold to Barry Chadwick of Derbyshire.

Next best at 350gns was an in-pig gilt from William Gregory, North Yorkshire, which saw the Eustice family re-invest some of their earnings.

And the same vendor-buyer combination was responsible for the top price in the maiden gilts, with the Eustices paying 185gns for Poplarbarn Harmony 63.

Boars meanwhile sold to a peak of 300gns for Penllwyn Charels 3 from Derek Harrison. This one sold to Jan McCourt, Oakham.

Averages; in-pig gilts £296, maiden gilts £164, boars £255.