Carlisle Beltex tup lambs soar on

Tup lamb trade here has been strong for the best of the offerings, with Stewart Wood and Jock McMillan enjoying the pick of the money.

In Stewart’s pen the best money came at a brace of 4200gns bids for the first pair in the ring, first was Woodies Pheunominal a Forager son, (hutch)349w.jpgThen at the same money was Woodies Perfection, a Viagrow son.

Also in Stewarts run was an 1100gns sale for Woodies Playboy, a Ballydown Magnus son.

At 2050gns was one from Richard Wood, Kingledores Popeye, a Cookstown Mr 11th.

Jock McMillan’s best call was a 5500gns call for Clary Prankster, a Borderesk Leap Frog son.


(hutch)381w.jpgA full ET brother then sold for 2000gns. Then at 2500gns was Clary Professor, another Leap Frog son. Making 4500gns was Clary Platform, a Eskdale Lionheart son.(hutch)388w.jpg And at 1100gns was a full ET brother to the first pair, while at 1000gns was Clary Participate, another Eskdale Lionheart son.

Andrew Bishop sold at 1900gns Bishops Percy, a Luggsmill Lainey son which is full brother to one of last year’s Smithfield champions.