Carlisle Limousins to be gene tested

It seems the race to have something novel to say about stock entered for this spring’s bulls sales is hotting up.

Hard on the heels of the Angus Society’s health announcement comes news from the Limousin Society that all bulls entered for the breed’s sale at Carlisle on 13 February are to be tested for the F4L gene variation of the myostatin gene.

The gene, found in 98% of purebred Limousins, has been shown in international research to increase the weight of prime cuts in animals by 19% and overall beef yield by 7%.   

Findings in the first instance will be published on a collective basis and will identify the percentage of bulls tested found to be carrying two copies of the gene.  Beyond analysis of the February results, consideration will then be given by the BLCS to the merits and protocols of presenting this information on an ongoing basis in Society Sale catalogues.