Cast cow hits £1,375 at United Auctions sale

A sale of store cattle and cast cows saw prices hit £1,375 for a cast cow and £1,370 for a bullock at the United Auctions sale in Stirling on Wednesday (4 January).
Averages and Top Prices
Bullocks (847) – averaged 197.06p (+8.76p) to 245.9p/kg for a 366kg Charolais X from Calton, and £1,370 for a 629kg Limousin X from Wolfill. 
Heifers (541) – averaged 202.26p (+13.92p) to 239.5p/kg for a 380kg Limousin X from Townhead of Arngibbon, and £1,270 for a 672kg Limousin X from Shieldhill.
Forward Cattle (11) – averaged 172.44p to 183.6p/kg for a Simminetal X from Dalfask, and £1,165 for a Limousin X from Sauchrie Mains.
Cast Cows (78) – averaged 123.14p to 180.5p/kg for a Limousin X from Quixwood, and £1,375 for a Limousin X from Quixwood.
(United Auctions)