Cattle averages up 20p/kg on the year at Colchester

Cattle sale averages were up some 20p/kg up on the year and 40p/kg up on two years at Colchester Market’s weekly sale this Tuesday.


The 164 cattle forward included a good show of 110 prime cattle of all sorts from E grade heifers to Dexters. All cattle sold to a strong demand and auctioneers Stanfords reported plenty of butchery weight cattle forward, but mostly in the lighter

weights and 480kg – 500kg.


Trade was strong and went to a high of 226.5p/kg with plenty over 210p/kg. There was also a run of heavy grass cattle to £1,405.76 with plenty of yarded cattle over £1,200.


The best black and whites sold to 170p/kg with no cattle selling for below 127.5p/kg and 24 going for more than 200p/kg, making up more than 1/5 of the entry.