Charolais and Charollais clinch Three Counties titles

Charolais cattle captured both the individual and pairs interbreed championships at the rain affected Three Counties Show.

Conditions were so bad that interbreed cattle judging was moved inside, where judge Jim Goldie found himself assessing a Limousin bull he bred.


Having made Shamleys Victoria, an outstandingly well grown Charolais heifer from Mrs Jamilla Robinson’s herd at nearby Tenbury Wells, his champion, he called on independent referee Martin Jones to decide whether Goldies Trophy should be reserve champion. The bull he sold to Somerset breeder Colin Hutchings three years ago for 6000gns, was given the nod.

InterbreedResChampLimousinA1.jpgA husband and wife went head to head in the dairy championship. For once, stockman Jeff Daw let his wife Anthea parade Noremead Mullion Present, the top Holstein entry of his employers the C B Cooper Partnership, to take the breed championship.

But he led his own Jersey fourth calver Sowden Juno Ceres to take the breed and interbreed championships. Judge John Garnett described both cows as outstanding examples of their breeds, but felt the Jersey slightly had the edge on the day.


In the overall interbreed sheep championship judging, yet another ewe sired by the outstanding Charollais Galtres Dominator continued Glamorgan breeder Tim Prichard’s run of interbreed championship wins, that included the Royal Welsh interbreed award in 2006.


After a delay to let a violent thunderstorm pass over, judge John Thorley gave the reserve overall interbreed title and championship for non-terminal sire breeds to A G Morgan and Son’s superb Ryeland ram.


Pig classes saw Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ Hampshire boar Burma Southern Style fail to win the any other modern or traditional pig championship or reserve. But he caught the eye of a different interbreed judge who made him overall interbreed champion.



Interbreed B M Robinson’s British Charolais cow Shamleys Victoria; res, C J Hutchings and Sons’ Limousin bull Goldies Trophy.
Hereford D M Jones’ cow Phocle Dowager; res, A G Wright and Sons’ bull Hillrow 1 Casino.
Aberdeen Angus N J and P Pittams’ bull Rawburn Duke Windsor; res, C J Hutchings and Sons’ bull Logie Daredevil.
Blonde I C and S D Archer’s cow Marstonmill Penelope Pitstop; res, R Kinnish’s heifer Kinaston Alexia.
Belgian Blue A Neachell’s heifer Cromwell Amy; res, D and J Wylie’s heifer Tamhorn Buttercup.
Charolais B M Robinson’s heifer Shamleys Victoria; res, C G Turney’s cow Hamilton Tequila.
Simmental R J and B E Kimber’s cow Celtic Noodle; res, J A Madeley and Son’s cow Wroxall Nancy Patience.
Devon G Hunter’s cow Tilbrook Cashtiller 9; res, Stonegrove Livestock’s heifer Stonegrove Norrie 5.
Highland Messrs Monk’s cow Morag 3rd of Pennygown; res, P R Knauff-Dexter’s cow Lesley of Thistle.
Longhorn Church Farm Business Park’s heifer Linton Ffion; res, P Froehlich’s Bramble Rosetta.
Murray Grey S Harrow’s bull Waterfield Perry; res, C Hemmingway’s cow with calf at foot Romany Ermintrude.
South Devon W H Sandford’s bull Haughton Sas Joe Louis; res, R V Hartshorn’s heifer Z Cilgwrrwg Sas Q-Millie.
AOB C J Hutchings and Sons’ Limousin bull Goldies Trophy; res, C J Hutchings and Sons’ Limousin heifer Kingsbrompton Aletty.
Commercial A D and R M Bishop’s Continental cross heifer; res, M Rowland’s Continental cross heifer.

Interbreed J Daw’s Jersey Sowden Juno Ceres; res, C B Cooper Partnership’s Holstein cow Noremead Mullion Present.
Holstein C B Cooper Partnership’s cow Noremead Mullion Present; res, R J Clare’s cow Hawsmoor Donna 20.
Jersey J Daw’s Sowden Juno Ceres; res, G Jones’ heifer Churchman Mid Tuscanny.

Interbreed E S McKechnie’s Gloucester bull Stanley Arthur; res, J A Knight’s Dexter cow Knightsway Paddy.
Gloucester E S McKechnie’s bull Stanley Arthur; res, K W Burgess’s cow Fenton Kristin.
Dexter J A Knight’s cow Knightsway Paddy; res, C L and B K Rawlings’ heifer Hugill Holly.
Red Poll C Moody’s cow Warren Polka; res, Moreton Red Polls’ maiden heifer Moreton Baby Wanka

Interbreed T L Prichard’s Charollais shearling ewe; res, A G Morgan and Son’s Ryland ram.
Beltex L Moorhouse’s shearling ram; res, D Bishop’s ewe.
Berrichon Du Cher T C Stayt’s ewe; res, Woodston Manor Partnership’s ram lamb.
British Bleu Du Maine P Tait’s shearling ewe; res, P Tait’s shearling ram.
British Charollais T L Pichard’s shearling ewe; res, D F Daffurn and J Curtis’s shearling ram.
Clun Forest G L Smith’s ewe lamb; res, G L Smith’s ram.
Hampshire Down E B and S A Jones’s shearling ram; res, J and S Davies’s ewe lamb.
Leicester Longwool D A and A E Goodman’s shearling ewe; res, D Winkfield’s ram.
Lleyn J Gunn’s shearling ewe; res, D Ayme’s shearling ewe.
Oxford Down J W Hook’s shearling ewe; res, M C Hackling’s shearling ram.
Rouge De L’Ouest P Tait’s shearling ewe; res, R J Lloyd and E M Lee’s shearling ram.
Shropshire M Farquhar’s shearling ewe; res, C Jakeman’s ewe.
Suffolk A E Weaver and Sons’ ewe lamb; res, D T and R M Williams and Son’s shearling ewe.
Texel D I Corfield and Parners’ shearling ram; res, C S Ponting’s shearling ewe.
Vendeen C J Vernon-Miller’s shearling ewe; res, D Waddington’s ram lamb.
Zwartbles S and S Murray’s ewe lamb; res, S and S Murray’s ram.
Badger Face Welsh Mountain E A Eagles’ shearling ewe; res, J Langford’s ewe.
Black Welsh Mountain E O Williams’s shearling ewes; res, K J Bowman’s shearling ewes.
Bluefaced Leiccester M J Day’s aged ram; res, R J and J T Shaw’s shearling ewe.
Cotswold D Stanhope’s ram; res, J N Cater’s shearling ewe.
Dorset Horn and Polled Dorset G and E Jones’ ram lamb; res, B A Wernham and Son’s shearling ewe.
Jacob D J Price’s shearling ewe; res, D J Price’s ram.
Kerry Hill D J Price’s ram; res, G Pugh’s ewe.
Lincoln Longwool S Higgins’ shearling ewe; res, J Newman’s ram.
Ryeland A G Morgan and Son’s ram; res, S J Kendrick’s ewe.
AOB Hill Bredon School’s Scottish Blackface ewe; res, Bredon School’s Scottish Blackface shearling ewe.
AOB Shortwool S Pajak’s Blue Texel; res, G S and S B Taylor’s Southdown shearling ewe.
AOB Longwool L L Parsons’ Galway ewe; res, D Stanhope’s Teeswater ewe.


Interbreed Kilcott Pedigree Pigs’ Hampshire boar Burma Southern Style 5; res, Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ Berkshire sow Kilcot Mermaid.
Gloucester Old Spots Kilcot Pedigree Pigs sow Kilcot Dolly; res, M V Hicks’ boar Windmill Gerald.
Berkshire Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ sow Kilcot Mermaid; res, Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ boar Kilcot Peter Lad.
British Saddleback L Perkins’ sow Gwyndy Lottie; res, A R Gready’s boar Haytesbury Earl Simon.
Large Black P G Snell and Sons’ sow Sock Constance 10; res, A W Acreman’s gilt Langland Skylark.
Tamworth C G Howes’ sow Stoneymoor Golden Rose 17; res, N L Hunkin’s boar Shutvale Jasper.
AOB P M Fowlie’s Welsh sow Braemor Nina; res, M V Hicks’ British Lop boar Windmill Charles.ends