Cormacks take the trophies home from Newark Show

Now that I have finally thawed and dried out from a rather miserable wet day at Newark and Notts Show I can bring you some results and pics from the show.

I was particualry pleased to see a stronger than usual entry of beef cattle, both pedigree and commercial, at the show, it’s just a shame the dairy cattle can’t follow suit.

David and Mary Cormack (with a little help from Charlie Collison and Paul Walker), took the overall beef title with their Limousin bull Grenhill Viper, under interbreed judge and Limousin and Angus breeder Colin Hutchings, Somerset.

Scrivphoto%20Beef%20ChampionBLOG.jpgBought at the October 2005 Carlisle Limousin sale outside the ring for 4500gns, Viper, who has a French pedigree on both sides consisting of Nenuphur and Nana, proved himself on last year’s circuit having taken the interbeed title at Newark last year, as well as first class tickets at the Royal and Royal Highland as an intermediate.

I also managed to grab five mins with a delighted Mary Cormack on the phone (someone has to stay at home and wait for the cows to calve!!), who told me she is particularly pleased with the female replacements Viper is leaving in the herd.

Having stood reserve male champion to Viper, Pam Holliday’s Aberdeen Angus bull followed to take the reserve overall title with her January 2003 born bull Wrae Bonanza Boy. This might have been slightly annoying for Duncan and Tracey Jeary whose Angus cow Briston Echo had won the breed championship the day before.


The Cormacks also came up trumps in the female championship, taking the title with their homebred cow Newstart Upsydaisy, a four year old by Ronick Iceman and out of Rivermead Rosebed.


Taking the reserve spot was Brailes Livestock with a rather sweet Charolais heifer, Brailes Butterfly, who also took the junior interbeed title.

In the commercial rings, it was turn of Elfed Williams’ to take the championship with the 435kg Limousin cross heifer Miss Moneypenny. And standing a close second for the second year running was Mike and Jean Dickens with their 480kg Limousin cross heifer Splash. Jean told me the heifer was a real bargain, having been snapped up at Middleton Teesdale by Mike for £600. Let’s hope they can go one better at Skipton next week.

Sheep judging followed suit in both the interbreed championship and the group of three with the Texels leading, followed by the Charollais. Taking the individual title was Peter Longdin’s shearling ewe with P Tait’s Charollais ram lamb standing a close reserve.



The Texels then won the group of three with the Charollais taking reserve spot.



Even though numbers were lacking slightly in the dairy rings, another previous Newark Show winner graced the dairy championship line-up in the form of Phillip Rhodes and his Holstein cow Bilsthorpe Sue 23, winning for the third year running. Now 65 days in to her fifth lactation, EX94 Sue is currently giving 54kg a day with 4.62% fat and 3.46% protein.


Taking the reserve title was 15 year old Katie Arrowsmith on behalf of her brother Jack’s 15-cow Jersey herd. She led out with Warninglidgold Lemvig Autumn 3, a fourth calver fresh from a win at Leicester Show, currently giving 29 litres a day at 6.5% butterfat. Alongside the Jersey’s mother and father Sue and John run 130 Holsteins at Lincoln.


In the pig rings it was Tracey Bretherton taking home the silverware with her March 2003-born Middle White sow Gracebank Woodlands Lady, she also took the Berkshire title with Gracebanck Wedlock Louise.


Show results:
Interbreed D and M Cormack’s Limouisn bull Greenhill Viper; res, P A Holliday’s Aberdeen Angus bull Wrae Bonanza Boy.
Interbreed Group Limousin; res, Belgian Blue.
Commercial beef B E Williams’ Limousin cross heifer Miss Moneypenny; res, M J Dickens’ Limousin cross heifer Splash.
Aberdeen Angus D K Jeary’s cow Briston Echo; res, P A Holliday’s heifer Dacre Elaine.
Lincoln Red H M Needler’s bull Walmer Everest; res, A Padfield and C P Barwood’s heifer Brambles Hot Lips.
Longhorn J W Stanley’s bull Blackbrook Philosopher; res, J W Stanley’s cow Blackbrook Louisa.
Charolais G A McDowell’s bull Ugie Agent; res, Brailes Livestock’ heifer Brailes Butterfly.
Simmental L and N Pennington’s bull Needwood Nelson; res, R M Birch’s cow Celtic Princess
Limousin D and M Cormack’s bull Greenhill Viper; res, D and M Cormakc’s cow Newstart Upsydaisy.
Blonde L Hawker’s heifer Millend Vanilla; res, A Hall’s heifer Hallmark Anita.
Belgian Blue N Beardsley’s heifer Woodlands Adorable; res, A Padfield and C P Barwood’s bull Piggots Artful Dodger.
Hereford P T English’s bull Churchlands Estate 1 Batavia; res, Newtoncroft Farms’ heifer Newton Croft 1 Truelove 47.
British Native Breeds D and M Cormack’s Galloway bull Newstart Bounty Hunter; res, A Brown’s South Devon heifer Dandy.
Any other Continental Breed Rigel Pedigree’s Saler heifer Rigel India; res, Beeston Hall Farms’ Salers bull Poldean Taffy.

Interbeed P J Rhodes’ Holstein cow in milk Bilsthorpe Sue 23; res, J and S Arrowsmith’ Jersey cow in milk Warninglidgold Lemvig Autumn 3.
Dairy Shorthorn ????????????
Dexter R Robinson’s cow Foulrice Shady; res, S Hunt’s bull Northbrook Red Admiral.
Holstein P J Rhodes’ cow in milk Bilsthorpe Sue 23; res, A Sutton and Son’s heifer in milk Shottle Outside Plum 77.
Jersey J and S Arrowsmith’s cow in milk Warninglidgold Lemvig Autumn 3; res, Pavenham Jerseys’ cow in milk Pavenham Iben 9.

Interbreed P C Longdin’s Texel shearling ewe; res, P Tait’s Charollias ram lamb.
Interbreed Group of Three Texel; res, Charollais.
Suffolk D C Rithcie’s ram lamb; res, M Prince’s untrimmed ram lamb.
Hampshire Down D C Rithcie’s ram; res, J A Atkinson’s shearling ewe.
Texel P C Longdin’s shearling ewe; res, A J Carter’s aged ram.
Charollais P Tait’s ram lamb; res, P Tait’s shearling ewe.
Lincoln Longwool T Booth’s ram; res, HMP North Sea Camp’s shearling ewe.
Pure breeds A J Carter’s Roussin ram; res, P Tait’s Rouge shearling ewe.

Interbreed T Bretherton’s Middlewhite Gracebank Woodlands Lady; res,
Best carcass A and P Schofield’s Welsh cross; res, A M Alford and Son’s Large White x Landrace.
Large White C Horsley’s female Popalrburn Queen Mary 120; res, P H Brown’s female Calderbrook Fanny.
Welsh P and M Reeder’s female Lopham Lucky Girl 78; res, C D Vaughan’s boar Vinery Workman.
Duroc P H Brown’s boar Calderbrook Syd.
Hampshire Hutson and Son’s female Burma Anna; res, Hutson adn Son’s boar Burmma Southern Style 5.
British Lop Hicks’ female Windmill Excelsa; res, Hicks’ female Windmill Excelsa.
Berkshire T Bretherton’s female Gracebank Wedlock Lousie; res, B Merry’s feamle Highercliff Pinehurst Lousie.
British Saddleback J R and M L Wreakes’ female Victoria Lottie 168; res, D Beeby’s feamle Lowpark Silver Wings.
Gloucester Old Spots Hicks’ female Windmill Star; res, M Renshaw’s feamle Tennyson Priness Mary 801.
Large Black P Waddington’s female Lowerdale Black Lady; res, HMP North Sea Camp’s boar Colonyfreiston Attempt.
Tamworth C G abd S J Howes’ female Stoneymoor Golden Rose 21; res, L Kennedy’s female Tatton Lucky Lass 41.
Middle White T Bretherton’s female Gracebank Woodlands Lady; res, G Parker’s female Cestrian Y.