Cull ewes top the £100 on a flying trade

This season has already seen the £100 hogget achieved and now cull ewes have passed the same mark with a top price of £110 achieved for a Suffolk from Merrick and Julie Pinny at Melton Mowbray today.

Other markets across the UK have also enjoyed a storming trade with both Carlisle and Exeter reporting high prices in recent days and weeks.

Topping the trade yesterday in Carlisle was a £96.50 bid for Texels from Gall Farm, with the same value achieved for Texels from Maxton House and £94.50 for some from Belmount Farm. Best of the Suffolks forward, meanwhile, sold at £90.50 for some from Kinkry Hill.

In the south, auctioneers at Exeter report the trade slipping a little on recent weeks with a top of £91.50 for Charolais from P Parish, Suffolks made up to £90 and Border Leicesters hit £89.

In-lamb ewes, meanwhile, aren’t making much more than these values, possibly leaving a decent pot to buy replacements with later in the year.