Dairy Event 2009: Booklet pushes chicory for grazing

A new booklet highlighting the grazing potential of perennial chicory was launched by British Seed Houses at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show today (16 September).

The free booklet highlights the key benefits of the variety Puna II and covers successful establishment, sward management, UK-based research and grower testimonials, said British Seed Houses’ Paul Billings.

“Puna II perennial chicory has been selected and bred in New Zealand and is suitable as a highly palatable and nutrient-rich grazing herb for grass and sheep,” he said.

“It can be grown as a monoculture or as part of mixed swards with grass and clover or just clover.”

Puna II is available in specialist mixes from British Seed Houses and as an optional inclusion in the company’s Aber Premium Mixes range.

For a free copy of the booklet, contact BSH online or on 01522 868 714