Dairy Event 2010: Keep tabs on rumen condition

A new rumen management tool designed to enable producers to measure rumen pH, maximise cows’ microbial yield and subsequently minimise acidosis is now available to dairy farmers.

EnviroSystems has joined with Well Cow and Bioparametrics to develop the Well Cow System, a tool comprising four features, as EnviroSystems’ Liz Russell explained.

Biopara-Silage analysis is the first part of the system and uses predicted in vitro gas production in combination with near-infrared spectroscopy to accurately measure rumen microbial activity. This essentially predicts how that silage will be digested in the rumen.

Optimize Plus silage inoculant is the second aspect to getting a stable rumen and provides enzymes which increase the fermentability of the NDF to increase the microbial activity and digestibility.

“To make sure the diet is performing well then we have the third aspect – the Well Cow Bolus which can be placed in a single cow within the herd to monitor rumen pH. It will alert the farmer through wireless technology when the pH is not right. At a cost of £500 a bolus it is a small price to pay if production can be kept on track.”

The last aspect is ration balancing using the feed programme Biopara Milk. “The ultimate goal of BioPara Milk feed system is to eliminate acidosis,” explained Ms Russell.

The Well Cow System is designed to help put farmers in control of their cows’ rumen by achieving diets which optimize milk from forage and which ensures the rumen consistently achieves pH 6.2 or higher, a level required for optimum function.”

For more information contact Liz Russell on 01772 860 085.