Dairy farmers clean up water management

Dairy farmers are rising to the environmental challenge with 73% changing the management of clean water on their farms in the past 24 months, according to a recent survey.

The DairyCo survey also showed 79% regularly check their farm water points for leaks, indicating environmental concerns are moving up farmer’s agenda.

The Milk Roadmap:One year down the road report also details the joined-up approach made by the industry to further reduce the impact of dairy farming on the environment, says Karen Wonnacott of DairyCo.

“Farmers have done this through a combination of improved efficiency as well as adapting their practices to acknowledge the importance of the environment.”

Environmental concerns are also moving up the agenda with consumers. Findings from a survey jointly funded by DairyCo and The Dairy Council, stated approximately 86% of respondents supported the use on new technologies in dairy production if they protected the environment.

This is addressed by a target laid out in the Milk Roadmap, which states 20-30% of producers should be trialling new technologies to reduce emissions from agriculture. One year ahead of schedule 32% of dairy farmers surveyed are already doing this.