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Farmers with land in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) need to follow the rules on restricted use of nitrogen fertilisers and organic manures and slurry. Get advice on appealing an NVZ designation, how to use sewage sludge safely, how to safeguard drinking water and set up a manure management plan.

Advice and tips


What farmers need to do to use sewage sludge safely

The UK water industry generates well over 1m tonnes of sewage sludge each year, the bulk of which is treated and recycled on to land as a fertiliser and to…


Business Clinic: Manure management plan advice

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Here, Savills’ Stephen Lockwood advises on manure management plans. Q As an…


What farmers need to know about appealing an NVZ designation

Farmers who are in Nitrate Vulnerable Zone designations in England are being warned they have just 28 days from being notified if they want to make a challenge. Defra is…


How outdoor pig producers can safeguard drinking water

Understanding the risk of producing pigs outdoors in protected drinking water zones is key to safeguarding not only the quality of drinking water, but the future of outdoor pig production.…

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Case studies


Two dairy farmers on meeting NVZ regs to expand herds

Financial and planning considerations generally dictate herd expansion in dairy systems, but for farmers in nitrate vulnerable zones (NVZs), environmental regulation can be the principal obstacle to increasing cow numbers.…


‘Defra blunder crippled my farm business’

Devon beef and dairy producer Winston Reed has seen the administrators called in at Cleave Farm, Templeton, near Tiverton – despite winning a four-year battle with Defra, which saw the…


Cut slurry volume when expanding your herd

A series of simple and cost-effective changes to slurry and effluent controls have allowed a Welsh dairy farm to reduce its storage requirements post-herd expansion and comply with pollution directives.…

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NI pushes farmers to slash ammonia emissions

Planting tree shelterbelts and extending the grazing period for cattle are among the recommendations in a new voluntary code of practice to help farmers in Northern Ireland reduce ammonia emissions.…


NVZ farmers reminded to update records before deadline

Farmers in a nitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ) in England and Wales must update their livestock and grassland management records by 30 April. If using livestock manure on the holding, the…


NI farmers facing tougher slurry spreading controls

Plans to ramp up slurry spreading controls in Northern Ireland have been put forward that could slash slurry application rates in some months of the year. The Department for Agriculture,…


Welsh farmers face tougher rules to tackle water pollution

Farmers in Wales face tougher new rules aimed at tackling incidents of diffuse water pollution. The Welsh government announced on Wednesday (14 November) that regulations covering the whole of Wales…

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