January was a good month for George Moss

Following record December and good early January rains, both farms are ahead for the season. The organic farm is 14% up and the conventional 2% to date. The conventional is pleasing given that we dropped stocking rate by 10%. At the end we will look at the numbers to see if the lower stocking has meant a compromise to profit in a good growing year.

Organic for every cow performance has exceeded the conventional for two 10-day periods now. This is a result, we believe, of the significantly higher clover content of organic pasture, as well as some good work by Andy. Interestingly, the conventional farm appears to be drying out faster, and we will need to introduce palm kernel extract to the cows this coming week as a result of no rain and hot temperatures for the last 20 days.

Work has started on a new workshop for the home farm, plus we have started the annual repair and maintenance on buildings and fences. We have concrete boxing to make, plus race upgrades planned for the organic farm. Quotes for the race improvements have come in hugely higher than expected, with up to $20,000 between them. A valuation on the organic farm indicates that land values are now back to the same levels as October 2006.

We were fortunate to host members of the Norfolk Rural Business Advice Service for two hours. It is always a pleasure to meet and learn from an enthusiastic group of farmers. Thank you Farmers Weekly for forwarding the contact addresses.

Farmer Focus: George Moss

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