Livestock 2015: Spike in calf pneumonia cases seen this summer

Warm and humid weather has resulted in a surge in pneumonia cases in calves and kid goats, according to vets.

Yoav Alony-Gilboa a vet with Friars Moor Vets, Dorset, said he had seen an increase in cases in recent week’s following warm and muggy days and colder nights.

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Speaking to Farmers Weekly at the Livestock Event, Mr Alony-Gilboa said farmers should be monitoring for signs of disease and taking preventative steps.

“Pneumonia is mostly seen later on in the year. However, the differences in daytime and night-time temperatures have played a part.”

He encouraged farmers to check ventilation and get hot air out of the shed.

“It’s important to try and reduce humidity by keeping bedding dry and having adequate ventilation. Farmers should also treat cases promptly,” he added.

Mr Yoav Alony-Gilboa said he had seen farmers taking the top ridge off to improve ventilation. “There’s not a one solution fits all, but you must make sure buildings are dry and not humid.”

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