New computerised calf feeding system to launch

A new computerised calf feeding system, incorporating animal management and feeding hygiene, is set to launch at this year’s Dairy Event and Livestock Show (6-7 September).

The Vario+, from Förster-Technik, is being launched by Volac and provides feeding for up to 120 calves at four feeding stations. It features an automatic calibration system to ensure accurate availability of milk replacer.

In addition, the system, which can be controlled via a hand-held terminal, features suction hose circulation cleaning to ensure a high level of feeding hygiene, and a transparent storage container for the milk powder.

Dr Heidi Normanton, from Volac, said: “The system combines some of the very latest automated technology to provide farmers with increased flexibility to enhance their calf feeding and management together with cost savings.

“In addition, the system delivers all the benefits of a computerised calf feeding system of labour saving combined with a precisely controlled feeding regime to exploit growth potential.”


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