Devon Show 2012: Pig breed championship results


Mr I A D Todd’s sow Smallicombe Lady 18; res, Mrs S Fildes’ gilt Dittisham Mermaid


British Lop

Mr G P Eustice’s gilt Bezurrell Actress 272; res, Mr G P Eustice’s female Bezurrell Actress 248


British saddleback

M W and C A Dunstan’s gilt Nancenoy Biddy 12; res, Mr J Newth’s female Prestcombe Silverwings 38.


Gloucestershire Old Spot

Mr J Newth’s Shepton Muriel 10; res Mr J Lightfoot’s boar Pebblesford Sambo 189


Kune Kune

Mr R Rankin’s boar Sandpits Andrews 1; res, Mr R Rankin’s gilt Sandpits Sally


Large Black

P G Snell and Sons’ Sock Doreen 186th; res P G Snell and Sons’ gilt Sock Skylark



Mr J Newth’s sow Prestcombe Vega 2; res, A P and P C Rose’s gilt Maddaford Peta 28



Mr J Collings’ gilt Clowen Model 16th; res, Mr A J Moss’s boar Flamsham Emperor


Large White

Mr J Newth’s gilt Prestcombe Beryl 2; res, Mr J Newth’s boar Prestcombe King David


Middle White

Mr A J Moss’s Mabon Fair Lady; res, M W and C A Dunstan’s boar Nancenoy Captain 3



The Executors of Mr N Hunkin’s sow Shutevale Princess; res Mr A Brown’s gilt Valstock Princess 674