Devon Show 2012: Sheep breed championship results

Any other pure continental breed

Vile and Norman‘s Bleu Du Maine shearling ram; res, Mrs G B Renfree’s Roussin shearling ewe.



Miss C L Moorhouse’s ram lamb; res J and G Howieson’s aged ewe


Berrichon du Cher

Mr M C Yeo’s ram; res, Mr J Yeo’s shearling ewe.


Black Welsh Mountain

E K and J P East’s shearling ewe; res, E K and J P East’s shearling ewe


Border Leicester

M J and V M Pile’s ram; res, M J and V M Pile’s female


Bluefaced Leicesters

Mrs H O Havill’s shearling ram; res Mr R H S Turner’s aged ewe


British Charollais

Mr and Mrs M J Alford’s aged ewe; res Mr G F Burrough’s ram lamb.


British Primitive and rare breed

W R and Mrs B O Barker’s Manx Loaghtan; res Miss H Hanson’s Manx Loaghtan.


British Rouge

Misses S and N Wright’s ram; res, D J and J E Churchill’s aged ewe


Devon and Cornwall Longwool

J A Darke’s two-shear ram; res, J A Darke’s yearling ewe


Devon Closewool

Mr M Scott’s two-shear ram; res, Mr R F Clark’s yearling ewe


Dorset Down

W D Burrough and Sons’ shearling ram; res, Mr J Legg’s single ewe lamb


Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset

Mr N Burrington’s shearling ewe; res, Mr T Clarke’s shearling ram


Exmoor Horn

M J and N H Buckingham’s two-shear ram; res, Miss K R Lane‘s yearling ewe


J A Darke’s animal; res, Lt Col and Mrs C W Charlton’s animal


Greyface Dartmoor

Mrs S James’s two-shear ram ; res, Mrs S James’s ewe and ewe lambs


Hampshire Downs

Mr C J Westlake’s ram lamb ;res, Mr C J Westlake’s ewe lamb



 Mrs M M Biggs’ ewe;res, Mrs M M Biggs’ ram lamb



Mrs S P Sayers’ shearling ewe; res Mrs S P Sayers’ shearling ram



Mr R P Wear’s shearling ewe; res, Mr A Ratter and Mrs S Smith’s ewe lamb


Scotch Black-Faced

Mr P H Cornelius’s ram lamb; res I G Mortimore and Son’s yearling ewe



G and M Wakeling’s shearling ram; G and M Wakeling’s shearling ewe



Miss M Wallace’s ram; res Messr J and S Harmer’s aged ewe



Mr M W Waycott’s aged ewe; res, Mr B Collings’ shearling ram



E W Quick and Sons’ aged ram; res E W Quick and Sons’ aged ewe


White Face Dartmoor

Mr P G Abel’s ram; res C and P Pearse’s pen of two yearling ewes