Double win at Bath and West Show for Charollais breeders

It was a case of second time lucky for father and daughter team Derrick Daffurn and Jennifer Curtis when they scooped the interbreed sheep championship at the Royal Bath and West Show last week.

Their homebred Charollais shearling ram, Elmwick G4, stepped up to take the prize after coming in the reserve spot at the Devon County Show three weeks ago. The couple will use him on some of their 120 pedigree Charollais and 1000 commercial North Country mules at Elm Farm, Wickham Ford, Worcestershire, before he goes to the Premier Sale in July.


Commenting on the prize winner, judge Hugh Veitch said this is a very correct sheep – it’s full of character and flesh but not too much bone.

Taking the reserve prize was David Randall and Sarah Mitchell’s Bluefaced Leicester ram, which will now head to the Royal Cornwall, Royal Welsh and Royal Show.

In the beef classes it was Mortimers Farm’s Charolais cow Mortimers Racey with a five-month old calf at foot. Shown by stockman Charlie Maclean, this homebred cow by Gretna House Napoleon has not been shown since scooping the breed championship at the Highland Show in 2001. She now heads to the South of England, Lincoln and Royal Shows.


Reserve champion was Bill Sandford’s South Devon bull Haughton S.A.S Joe Louis 1 by Trevowah Joe Louis 11. Shown by Richard Hartshorn, this three-year old has been selected by the South-Devon Herdbook Society for breed improvement and works with Mr Sandford’s six cows at Haughton Holdings near Shrewsbury.

Another homebred, Brian Miller’s Holstein cow Moorshard Outside Finesse 32, took the interbreed dairy championship. This second calver by Comestar Outside is giving 65kg a day and yielded 11,900kg as a two year-old. She will next be shown at the National and south-west Dairy Events.


Jersey veteran Sowden Juno Ceres 2, by Potterswalls Lord Juno, took the second place for Anthea and Jeff Daw. A six year-old fourth calver, she is giving 30kg and heads to the Royal Cornwall Show this week.

In the pig rings it was Steve Loveless’s Landrace boar Sunrise Hampster, 1426, which took the top prize, closely followed by Caroline and Thomas Wheatley-Hubbard’s Tamworth sow Berkswell Roseleaf 63.

Interbreed Mortimers Farm Ltd’s Charolais cow Mortimers Racey; res, W H Sandford’s South Devon bull Haughton S.A.S Joe Louis 1.
Interbreed Group Limousin; res, Aberdeen Angus.
Devon J Thomas’s bull Bollowal Nimrod; res, Stonegrove Livestock’s heifer Stonegrove Norie 5.
South Devon W H Sandford’s bull Haughton S.A.S Joe Louis 1; res, T Gareth Davies’s cow Monkton Bluebell.
Aberdeen Angus C J Hutchings’ bull Logie Daredevil; res, C J Hutchings’ cow Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel.
Hereford P T English’s bull Churchlands Estate 1 Batvia; res, A E Nesbitt Farms’ heifer Leland 1 Oyster Gem 4.
British Blonde The Whistley Herd’s bull Ange; res, Bowden and Son’s female Millend Jaquette
British Charolais Mortimers Farm’s cow Mortimers Racey; res, P C Old’s heifer Moynton Annabel.
British Limousin C J Hutchings’ bull Goldies Trophy; res, N R and L Hill’s female Sloughpool Tasmine.
British Simmental D B Mills’ cow Wishful Lavender; res, W Ellicott’s heifer Roadhill Starburst.
Dexter A Park’s cow Charlmoor Sarah; res, P W Hunt’s cow Saltaire Sharp.
Longhorn G Woollatt’s heifer Selborne Myrtle; res, B and M Llewellyn’s female Carreg Christine.
British White New Biddenden Green Farm’s bull Smarden Isokrates; res, A E Nesbitt Farms’ bull Cleland Keir.
Belted Galloway M Arbib’s female Howemill Crimson Lake; res, J Smith’s female Whitepool Moondancer.
AOB W and J Murphy’s Gloucester female Castlemast Cherry Pie; res, D McMillan’s Beef Shorthorn bull Coln Valley Zipper.
Commercial R J Wright’s heifer Gipsy Rose; res, A Hendy’s heifer.

Interbreed R K and S G Miller and Sons’ Holstein cow Moorshard Outside Finesse 32; res, J R Daw’s Jersey cow Sowden Juno Ceres 2.
Interbreed Group R K and S G Miller and Sons’ Holsteins; res, M C Durbin’s Guernseys.
Guernsey Sansom Partners and I Crouch’s cow Luckley Sylvia 15 EX90; res, Sansom Partners and I Crouch’s heifer Blacknor Lucy 70.
Holstein R K and S G Miller and Sons’ cow Moorshard Outside Finesse 32; res, R K and D G Miller and Sons’ cow Moorshard Jordan Katey 261.
Jersey J R Daw’s cow Sowden Juno Ceres 2; res, A Sercombe’s cow Goodtime Hallmark Gale.

Interbreed D F Daffurn and J Curtis’s Charollais shearling ram; res, D R Randall and S M Mitchell’s Bluefaced Leicester ram.
Interbreed Group P Cornelius’s Scotch Blackfaces; res, H C Derryman and Sons’ Hampshire Downs.
Grey Face Dartmoor M A Rickson’s yearling ewe; res, V Pratt’s yearling ewe.
Devon Closewool A E Cook’s ram; res, M Scott’s lamb.
Devon & Cornwall Longwool J A Darke’s ram; res, J A Darke’s shearling ram.
Dorset Down W D Burrough and Son’s ewe lamb; res, W D Burrough and Son’s ram lamb.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset A Dufosee’s ewe lamb; res, R Hole’s ram lamb.
Exmoor Horn T Atkins and Sons’ yearling ewe; res, R F Clark’s ram
Hampshire Down C J Westlake’s ram lamb; res, Messrs Tucker and Jesse’s shearling ewe.
Jacob J and A Milner’s ewe; res, J and A Milner’s ram.
Kerry Hill E O Williams’ shearling ewe; res, Messrs A J and R J Brimble’s ewe lamb.
Lincoln Longwool J L Newman’s ram; res, L Smith’s shearling ram.
Ryeland R P Wear’s ram; res, W Laurie’s ram.
Scotch Black-Faced P Cornelius’s ram; res, J Jordan’s yearling ewe.
Suffolk C E Irwin’s shearling ewe; res, D T and R M Williams and Sons’ ewe lamb.
Texel A J Carter’s ram; A J Carter’s shearling ewe.
Wiltshire Horn J Grant-Parkes’ shearling ewe; res, J T J Stone’s shearling ewe.
Zwartbles P Coombs’ ram; K Jones’s ewe.
British Charollais D F Daffurn and J Curtis’s shearling ram; res, A G Selway’s ram lamb.
Clun Forest G L Smith’s ram; res, R Vincent and D Searle’s shearling ewe.
Lleyn S Farmer’s ram; A Dufosee’s shearling ram.
Oxford Down G C Watons and C Grain’s ram lamb; res, J W Hook’s ewe.
Berrichon Du Cher Manor Farm Cattistock’s ram; res, Manor Farm Cattistock’s ewe.
British Bleu Du Maine M Vile’s senior ram; res, S A Norman’s shearling ewe.
Bluefaced Leicester D R Randall and S M Mitchell’s ram; res, Messrs H W and H M Braddick’s ram lamb.
Black Welsh Mountain M E E Baker’s pair of shearling ewes; res, E O Williams’ shearling ewe.
Shetland M Gibbings’ ram; res, C Fewings’ shearling ewe.
Primitive Sheep P J Ball’s Manx ram; res, K Street’s North Ronaldsway shearling ewe.
Portland D W G Rashley and Mrs Tooze’s ewe’ res, P J Ball’s shearling ewe.
Hill Breeds H Pullin’s Llanwenog ram; res, C Bulmer’s Llanwenog shearling ewe.
Any Other Pure Breed H and C Burrough’s Southdown shearling ewe; res, J R Williams’ Southdown ewe.
Commercial R Lysons’ Texel ewe; res, J Jordan’s pair of shearling ewes.

Interbreed S Loveless’s Landrace boar Sunrise Hampster; res, Boyton Farms’ Tamworth sow Berkswell Roseleaf 63.
Interbreed Pairs C T Impey’s Middle Whites; res, L A Rogers’ Landraces.
British Lop D Harrison’s boar Penllwyn General; res, T K Osborne’s sow Oakbrae Harmony.
British Saddleback J Sage’s boar Blewett Stockbroker 23; res, J Sage’s gilt Blewett Dinah 28.
Duroc or Hampshire A P and P C Rose’s boar Maddaford Goff 9; res Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ gilt Kilcot Judy.
Gloucestershire Old Spot D Overton and A Nicholls’ sow Exfold Josephine 133; res, D Overton and A Nicholls’ Exfold Gerald 70.
Landrace S Loveless’s boar Sunrise Hampster; res, N L G Hunkin’s sow Shutevale Princess 35.
Large White J Newth’s gilt Prestleigh Beryl 11; res, S Loveless’s boar Portbredy Prince, 1518.
Large Black P G Snell and Sons’ boar Sock Super 22; res, P G Snell and Sons’ gilt Sock Dorothy 159.
Berkshire Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ sow Kilcot Mermaid 2; res, I A D and M A Todd’s gilt Smallicombe Excelsa 36.
Middle White J A Champion and Stephenson’s sow Yasmyns alma Rose 7; res, C T Impey’s boar Mabon Revival.
Tamworth Boyton Farms’ sow Berkswell Roseleaf 63; res, N L G Hunkin’s boar Shutevale Glen 699.
Oxford and Sandy Black M F Case’s sow Cmnanthir Cynthia XVII; res, D Norman’s boar Shutevale Alistair.
Welsh H Tongue and J Flay’s group of three pigs; res, H Tongue and J Flay’s boar Slade James 11.