East of England cattle results


Here are the full cattle results from last weekend’s East of England Show



Interbreed P Gooderham’s Limousin heifer Sundale Bonbon; res, R Hopkinson’s Simmental bull Hollingwood Vulcan.

Aberdeen Angus D K Jeary’s cow Briston Echo; res, A J Brown’s bull Hawstead Lodge Eurevine.

Beef Shorthorn H Horrell’s cow Pode Hole Scarlet; res, H Horrell’s heifer Pode Hole Beauty Ava.

British Blue Barwood and Padfield’s bull Piggot’s Artful Dodger; res, J and W Laight‘s bull Witham Bank Boyd.

Charolais J R and V A Webb’s bull Newroddige Bruno; res, W H Robinson’s cow Balmullo Veronica.

Simmental R Hopkinson’s bull Hollingwood Vulcan; res, T and S Morter’s heifer Horsford Manor Treasure.

British White Rotac Farms heifer Woodbastwick Doubtful Sound; res, Delamore Farms’ bull Leverington Chicago.

Hereford A G Wright and Son’s heifer Badlingham Blossom 138; res, P T English bull Churchlands Estate 1 Batvia.

Limousin P Gooderham’s heifer Sundale Bonbon; res, Smiths of Bloxham’s bull Ironstone Boneparte.

Longhorn J W Stanley’s bull Blackbrook Philosopher; res, J W Stanley’s heifer Blackbrook Rhyme.

Red Poll Heath Farm Foods’ bull Beasthorpe Major; res, I N Thomson’s heifer Lavenham Virtue.

South Devon M E Broome’s bull Welland Valley Crusader; res, M E Broome’s cow Welland Valley Ethel 2.

AOB Beef Barwood and Padfield’s Lincoln Red cow Brambles Hot Lips; res, G B Sewell and Partners’ Lincoln Red cow Meadow Abigail.

Commercial beef S B Cattle’s Limousin cross steer Samson; res, K W Ludgate’s British Blue cross heifer Big Bum.



Interbreed J R A Steeples’ Holstein heifer Cramar Leader Gibson Lulu; res, Pavenham Jersey’s Jersey cow Pavenham Iben 9.

Holstein  J R A Steeples’ heifer Cramar Leader Gibson Lulu; res, J R A Steeples’ cow Cramar Aeroline Cutie.

Jersey Pavenham Jerseys’ cow Pavenham Iben 9; res, C R Cawston’s heifer Poringlad Dreamgirl 9.

British Friesian Messrs Burroughs’ cow Oakalby Breadwinner S Ruth 34; res, Messrs Burroughs’ heifer Oakalby Venue S Ruth 55.

Dexter W H Robinson and Sons’ cow Belvoir Treacle; res, W H Robinson and Sons’ bull Apple Coda.