East of England Show: individual pig results

British Lop

Emma and Mark Edgar’s gilt, Bakers Actress 27; res, K and B Arden’s gilt, Goosetree Sunshine.


Any other white breed

D Hobbs’ Landrace boar, Sunrise Hamster 3010; res, Mr A J Moss’s Welsh boar, Flansham Emperor



Mr Ray Daniells’ gily, Chelston Royal Sapphire 81; res, Mr Ray Daniells’ gilt, Chelston Royal Saphire 90


Gloucestershire Old Spot

Carol Knights’ boar, Alsa Princess Joan; res, Ms Sally-Anne Pawson and Mr Jason Knaggs’ boar, Littleowls Sambo 222


Any other coloured breed

Brooks House Farms’ boar, Framfield Attempt; res, D Hobbs’ breeding sow, Burma Precious 22