Farmhouse move for Mathew Cole

Tom, Gemma and I have swapped houses with mum and dad and we now live at Greenwell Farm.

This sort of house move, although on the surface straightforward, has been a bumpy road with high emotions coming to the surface.

Greenwell has been the family home and the business hub all of my life.

It is one of those typical farm houses with a massive kitchen where people come and go constantly, coffee is freely available to all comers and where all those lively farming and family discussions happen with dad sat at the head of the table holding court with mum pitching in and fuelling the debate.

Dad and mum will so miss living at Greenwell and I wish them well in their lovely new home.

Gem and I were a little apprehensive and putting up with farmhouse hustle and bustle can be quite a challenge especially with a young family.

But now we are in it, it feels right and Gem is very much looking forward to the challenge of doing up a lovely Dartmoor Farm house. I had just better keep an eye on the chequebook.

We had our first Mule ewe lamb sale at Tavistock and averaged £98. Considering the summer and the fact our lambs are April born, we were very pleased.

All the lambs on the day were a credit to the breeders and they would rival any market in the north for quality.

Let’s hope the sale at the end of the month is as strong.

Mathew Cole, his brother Neil and parents Arnold and Bridget, farm 720ha on and around Dartmoor. They keep South Devon and Galloway suckler cows as well as Scotch and Swale ewes

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