Foot and Mouth case confirmed

Following the announcement of a confirmed case of foot-and-mouth on a beef unit between Aldershot and Guildford, Surrey, Taking Stock are still unsure as to what this will mean for the scheduled livestock shows and sales across the country.

BBS News 24 are stating that two major agricultural shows in Scotland will go ahead this weekend without cows, sheep and goats, due to the restrictions. Both Dumfries and Turriff in Aberdeenshire have been hit by the restrictions. It currently remains unclear as to what effect the ban will have on second day of the Perth agricultural show.

We’ll do our upmost to keep you informed as to what happens, in the mean time you can check out the following places for more information:


Plenty of opnions and comment is circulating on Farmers Weekly’s forums, so why not post your comments on there.

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