Full Balmoral sheep, pig and dairy results

Here are the full results listings for the sheep, pigs and dairy cattle from Balmoral Show.




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Interbreed M Miller’s Texel ewe lamb; res, J Aiken’s Charollais shearling


Interbreed Pairs Charollais; res, Suffolk.

Border Leicester J Aiken’s ewe; res, T Horner’s ewe lamb.

Suffolk J H Stewart’s shearling ewe; res, W T Tait’s shearling ram.

Texel M Miller’s ewe lamb; res, A Gault’s shearling ewe.

Ile de France Porter and Hyndman’s ewe; res, D M Mulligan’s shearling ram.

Bluefaced Leicester W Bell’s ewe; res, S Laverty and Sons’ shearling ram.

Blackface R Crawford’s ewe; res, H Crawford’s shearling ewe.

Greyface Graham and Knox’s shearling ewe; res, Graham and Knox’s ewe.

Hampshire Down J Fletcher’s shearling ram; res, K McCarthy’s ewe lamb.

North Country Cheviot D Robinson’s shearling ewe; res, N A J Robinson’s ram.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset T Wright’s shearling ewe; res, G Cubbitt’s ram lamb.

Rouge de L’Ouest M and J Graham’s shearling ewe; res, Graham and Knox’s ewe.

Charollais D Christie’s ram; res, J Aiken’s ewe.

Beltex E McAllister’s shearling ewe; res, E McAllister‘s ram.

Kerry Hill S and F McAllister’s ram; res, S and F McAllister’s shearling ewe.

Rare Breeds W and K Carson’s shearling ewe; res, Linmow Rare Breeds’ ram.

Zwartbles M Woods’ ewe; res, S Girvan‘s ewe lamb.



Interbreed S Smyth’s saddleback sow Whinney Hill Fidra 50; res, L T J Bradley’s Large White boar.

Large White L J Bradley’s junior boar; res, A E Martin’s junior gilt.

Landrace A and R Todd’s junior gilt; res, A and R Todd’s junior boar.

Traditional Breeds S Smyth’s Saddleback sow Whinney Hill Fidra 50; K and J Gracey’s Saddleback boar Forthill Rasah.



Interbreed Clandeboye Estate’s Holstein cow Clandeboye Champion Willow; res, Fleming Family’s Jersey cow Potterswall Connection Lady.

Interbreed Pairs Holstein; res, Jersey.

Interbreed Group Holstein; res, Jersey.

Ayrshire J W Suffern’s cow Ravenhill Tulip 53; res, J and M Hunter’s cow Ardmore Janet 59.

Jersey Fleming Family’s cow Potterswall Connection Lady; res, Fleming Family’s Potterswall Paramount Glamour.

Holstein Clandeboye Estate’s cow Clandeboye Champion Willow; res, S and J McCormick’s cow Hilltara Champion Echo.