Full Royal Welsh Sheep Results

Tension is mounting in the sheep lines with the interbreed pairs competition due to be judged at 10.30 this morning and the individual interbreed due to be decided this afternoon.


In the meantime, see below for the sheep results to date….Interbreed Pairs Charollais; res, North Country Cheviot
Welsh Mountain
A E Jones; res, T R Davies’ shearling ram.
Welsh Mountain Hill T A William’s shearling ram; res, E Owen a’I Feibion’s ewe.
South Wales Mountain O B Williams’ ram; res, Williams Partners’ ewe.
Black Welsh Mountain W and S Workman’s shearling ewe; res, C Garn’s ram.
Badger Faced Welsh Mountain
B Parry’s Torddu ram; res, C G Isaac-Burrows’ Torwen ram.
Balwen Welsh Mountain E L Davies’ shearling ewe; res, Bowden Family’s shearling ram.
Welsh Hill Speckled Face E Lloyd and Co and Bryn Lloyd’s ram lamb; res, E Lloyd and Co and B Lloyd’s ewe.
Beulah Speckled Face R Jones’ ram; res, A and E B Jones’ ewe.
Hill Radnor N T B and J Radnor’s shearling ram; res, D C Jones shearling ewe.
Kerry Hill R F and D J Price’s ram; res, H M Gibbons’ shearling ram.
Brecknock Hill Cheviot H E Havard’s two shear ram; res, H E Havard’s shearling ewe.
North Country Cheviot A and J Jones’ ram; res, A and J Jones’ ewe.
Derbyshire Gritstone T Chapple-Gill’s ewe lamb; res, A W Birchenough’s ram.
Exmoor Horn N W and E M Daff’s ram; res, T Atkins’ shearling ewe.
Jacob D J Price’s ewe; res, D J Price’s shearling ewe.
Ryeland R A, A M and L A Howell’s ram; res, A and C Wright’s ewe lamb.
Dorset Down K Ivey’s ram lamb; res, J McMinn’s shearling ewe.
Wiltshire Horn I Owen’s ram; res, R J Thomas’ shearling ewe.
Welsh Mule J Thomas and Son’s shearling ewe; res, D I L and E Jones’ ewe lamb.
Welsh Halfbred R A George’s shearling ewe; res, A R and C Williams’ ewe lamb.
Southdown D S and P Humphrey’s shearling ram; res, C T and P M Mannering’s shearling ewe.
Longwool D Stanhope’s Cotswold ram; res, G Dutton’s ewe.
Llanwenog H Evans’ ewe; res, H Evans’ shearling ram.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset C and T Clarke’s ram; res, Griffiths and Davies’ ewe.
AOB Pure R Jones’ South Country Cheviot shearling ewe; res, R Jones’ South Country Cheviot ewe lamb.
Bluefaced Leicester M C and G Roberts’ ewe; res, T R Harris’ shearling ram.
Zwartbles F E and B M McConkey’s shearling ram; res, S and S Murray Farms’ ram lamb.
Clun Forest R C Meredith’s ram; res, R Vincent and D Searle’s shearling ram.
Oxford Down G C Watson and C J Grain’s shearling ram; res, G C Watson and C J Grain’s shearling ewe.
Lleyn A W Davies’ ewe; res, A W Davies’ shearling ram.
Border Leicester R D and J M Phillips’ ewe; res, D R and E A Jones’ shearling ram.
Bleu Du Maine J W and K M Davison’s ram lamb; res, J W and K M Davison’s ram.
Rouge Percy Tait’s shearling ewe; res, D R Jane’s shearling ram.
Charollais T Pritchard’s shearling ewe; res, A E Davies’ shearling ram.
Berrichon Du Cher M C and K D Yeo’s shearling ewe; res, Manor Farm Cattistock’s ram.
Charmoise D O Davies’ shearling ewe; res, B G Moseley’s shearling ram.
Beltex D L Gardiner’s shearling ram; res, S Gibbons’ ewe.
Blue Texel D and J Jones’ ram lamb; res, G Watkins’ ewe.
Texel D Jones’ shearling ram; res, G Williams and Sons’ shearling ewe.
Vendeen C J Vernon Miller’s shearling ewe; res, C J Vernon Miller’s shearling ram.
Hampshire Down
J Borsey’s shearling ram; res, A Jackson’s ewe lamb.
Shropshire M Farquhar’s ram; res, M Farquhar’s ewe.
Suffolk V E and B M Samuel’s ewe lamb; res, M Davies and Sons’ ram lamb.
Prime Lambs M Owens’ Beltex cross; res, A Owens’ Beltex cross.