Full Three Counties Show Results

Beef Cattle

Interbreed Messrs Spooner’s Hereford bull WestWood Advancer; res Boddington Estate’s Sterling Krumpet’s Roxanne

Interbreed continental Boddington Estate’s Sterling Krumpet’s Roxanne;

Hereford Messrs Spooner’s Hereford bull WestWood Advancer; res, Mr E Colledge’s Hawksbury 1 Voli-Vont

Angus Mr C J Hutchings and Son’s bull Wedderlie Kentucky Excel; res, Mr I H Mclaren and Son’s bull Aynho Princess

Blonde Mr R Kinnish’s heifer Kinaston Connie; res I and J Phillip’s  heifer Bilsington Cause.

British Blue Mr G Jones’s cow Bringlee Beth; resMr A J and L M Geary’s cow Littlewood Deerfot;

British Charolais Mrs B M Robinson’s heifer Shamleys Cassandra; res Mrs B M Robinson’s bull Shamleys Capital.

British Limousin Mr P R Dawes’ bull Dinmore Dimtri; res Mr C j Hutchings abd Son’s bull Bravo.

British Simmental Boddington Estate’s Sterling Krunpet Roxanne; res Mr R Hewlett’s Rosten Som-O’barney

Devon Mr G Hunter’s bull Tilbrook Kiwi; res Mr G Hunter’s cow Tilbrook Cashtiller

Highland Mrs A M Perkin’s bull Joss Dubh Of Bausley; res Mrs A Spawton’s cow Lili Ann 1st Of The May

Longhorn Ms E M Hallifield’s bull Dunstall Hector; res Ms E M Hallifields’s Dunstall Indigo

Murray Grey Mrs S Harow’s cow Waterfield Melba 2nd; res Mrs S Harrow’s bull Waterfield Valentino

South Devon Mr D Smallcombe’s bull Grove Brutus 82



Interbreed Messrs T G and E M Hart and Son’s Holstein cow Ridgefield Stormatic Zisky; res S and S Murray’s Jersey cow Kerbanks Lenvig Lynne

Holstein Messrs T G and E M Hart and Son’s cow Ridgefield Stormatic Zisky

Jersey S and S Murray‘s cow Kerbanks Lenvig Lynne



Interbreed Miss C Nicolas’s GiltEdge Sunshine; res Panorama Pedigree Pig’s Prestleigh Beryl

Gloucestershire Old Spots Mrs J A Sim’s sow Winterwood Princess; res Mr and Mrs M V Hick’s sow Windmill Star

Berkshire Mr C Impey’s boar Fairoaks Peterlad; res Mr C Impey’s sow Fairoaks Fairwell   

British Saddleback Mrs D Beeby’s sow Brydges Babble; res Messrs Edwards and Thomas’s Pantygawen Prefect 4

Large Black Mr P G Snell and Son’s gilt Sock Doreen 178th; res Mr and Mrs Lomas’ boar Gaulden manor Majestic

Tamworth Mr C G Howes’s gilt Stoneymoor Jacqueline; res Mr C H Howes’ sow Stoneymoor Melody

Welsh Greenmeadow Community Farm’s gilt Greenmeadow Marigold; Miss paddocks’s gilt Viney Empress

Other Modern Breeds Panorama Pedigree Pig’s Prestleigh Beryl



Interbreed Percy Tate’s Rouge De L’Ouest; res Mr and Mrs Fairburn’s Lincoln Longwool

Beltex Ms J Mc Aree

Berrichon Du Cher Woodston Manor Partnership’s ram lamb; res Mr and Mrs Chamberlain’s ram lamb

British Bleu Du Maine Mr S Shone’s ewe; Mr S H Kilby’s yearling ram

British Charollais Messrs E J and I P Dyde’s yearling ram; Mr L Organ’s ewe

Clun Forest Mr A Smith’s ram; res Mr A Smith’s yearling ewe

Dorset Down Mr B Klugsden; res Mr Burton’s ram

Hampshire Down Mr J L Davies’ yearling ewe; E B and S A Jones ram

Leicester Longwool Miss A E Goodman’s yearling ewe; Miss D Stanhope’s ew

Lleyn Mrs S E Peter’s ram; Mrs S E Peter’s shearling ram

Oxford Down Mr M C Hackling’s yearling ewe; res Mr J W Hook’s yearling ram

Shropshire Mrs S E Farquhar’s ram; res Mrs S E Farquhar’s ewe

Suffolk Mr C J Holmes’ ram lamb; res Mr C J Holmes yearling ram

Texel Ms C S Ponting and Co’s yearling ram; res DI Cornfield and Partner’s ewe

Zwartbles Clay Farm Partnership’s shearling ewe; res Mr A J Thorburn’s ewe lamb

Badger Face Welsh Mountain Mrs P J Ball’s shearling ewe; res Mrs E Eagles ewe

Black Welsh Mountain Mr E O William’s shearling ewe; res Mrs Laws yearling ram

Bluefaced Leicester Mr Shaw’s ewe; res, Mr Shaw’s shearling ram

Cotswold Mr D Stanhope’s shearling ram; res Mr and Mrs J N cater ram lamb

Jacob Mr G Philip’s ewe lamb; res Mr and Mrs D G Partridge’s shearling ewe

Kerry Hill Mr R Powell’s ewe; res Mr R Powell’s Ram

Lincoln Longwool Mr and Mrs Fairburn’s yearling ewe; res Mrs J Newman’s ram

Ryeland Mrs S J Kendrick’s ram; res Mr J Morgan’s ewe