Genus ABS launches new silage inoculant

Powerstart Xpress, an easy to use silage inoculant that can be prepared at short notice on the day of harvest, is now available.

Powerstart Xpress, from Genus ABS, uses similar technology and offers the same benefits as Powerstart Original, but with only two-and-a-half hours preparation time, says Genus’s Paul Nunn.

“This easy to use silage inoculant requires a fraction of the time to prepare without the need of a heater tray.

Powerstart Xpress also contains ‘live’ AberF1 bacteria, providing access to all available sugars in the grass, therefore speeding up the fermentation process.

“With the high demand for user friendly, but effective products, we have created Powerstart Xpress.

“For the farmer who is short on time and needs a product which can be ready on the day at short notice, but who still prefers to use a live bacteria product, Powerstart Xpress provides a convenient solution,” he says.


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