Great Yorkshire Show 2015: Sheep breed champions


Champion: Mr CW Marwood and Son’s aged ram.

Reserve: Mr TS Hunter’s shearling ewe.



Champion: Mr RH Close’s aged/shearling ram.

Reserve: Mr J Bradley’s ewe.


Derbyshire Gritstone

Champion: S and P Scrivin’s ram.

Reserve: Mr JR Lord’s ram lamb.



Champion: Mr D Thompson’s ram

Reserve: Mr JG Harryman’s ewe lamb.


Lincoln Longwool

Champion: Mrs LMS Fairburn’s shearling ewe

Reserve: Mrs LMS Fairburn’s shearling ram



Champion: S and P Scrivin’s shearling ram

Reserve: Mr SP Morris’ gimmer shearling


North Country Cheviot

Champion: Messrs W and J Thomson’s ram

Reserve: Messrs W and J Thomson’s gimmer.


Rough Fell

Champion: Mr B and Mrs J Knowles’ ewe (rearing lamb in wool).

Reserve: E and K Bland’s ram.



Champion: Mr TW Hutchinson’s shearling ewe.

Reserve: Mr J Dixon’s shearling ram.



Champion: Mr MA Elliott’s aged/shearling ram.

Reserve: Mrs KH Horner’s hogg in wool.


Whitefaced Woodland

Champion: Mrs AD Crampton’s ram.

Reserve: Mrs PA Crosby’s shearling ewe.



Champion: Mr JW Mellin’s aged ram.

Reserve: Boden and Davies’ ram lamb.



Champion: Mr EL Sherwin’s yearling ewe

Reserve: Mr EL Sherwin’s shearing ram.



Champion: Clay Farm’s shearling ram.

Reserve: Mr AJ Thornton’sshearling ewe.