Hindus and Welsh vets go to court over Shambo the sacred bullock

The row between the owners of a TB infected bullock and Welsh Assembly vets, has entered the courts and hit the national headlines.

The BBC has been carrying regular updates on its radio stations, television channels and online as the argument between a community of Hindu Monks and Welsh Assembly vets is played out in the law courts in Cardiff  (10 July).

The Skanda Vale community in Carmarthenshire insists that the bullock is sacred to them and it is contesting the Welsh Assembly ruling that the bullock must be treated like any other and must be slaughtered.

Lawyers for the community argued that killing the bullock would violate their right to freedom of religion.

They also said that the animal would be kept away from other animals and that, even if it does develop TB, it will not be a risk to public and animal health.

But the Wales’ rural development minister Jane Davidson is equally insistent that the animal must be destroyed in accordance with the law to protect public health.

Mrs Davidson said that was the only way to protect people and other animals from the disease.

It is expected that the hearing will take no longer than a day and a decision will be taken on Shambo’s fate, although the community could still appeal.

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