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Schmallenberg virus, or SBV, was first identified in sheep, cattle and goats in the UK in 2012. The disease, spread by midges, causes foetal abnormalities, abortion, still birth and deformities in lambs and calves. See news on outbreaks, vaccination and advice if you flock or herd is affected.

Advice and tips

Your questions on Schmallenberg virus answered

Knowing whether an animal has aquired immunity following infection with Schmallenberg virus is a question being answered by vet Ian Nanjiani of Westpoint Vets. Q A friend who had deformed…


Test rams for Schmallenberg before tupping

Sheep farmers buying in breeding stock from areas badly hit by Schmallenberg virus are being advised to conduct fertility tests on rams. Maarten Boers, a vet from the Livestock Partnership,…


Tips for preventing Schmallenberg risk in breeding stock

As the livestock breeding season kicks into gear, here's some top tips to help reduce the risk of Schmallenberg virus in your herd or flock. 1. Postpone tupping until after…

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Schmallenberg survey launched for lambing season

Vet students on lambing placements are invited to record information about deformed lambs for a survey of Schmallenberg virus (SBV) in sheep flocks this year. The UK is experiencing a…


Fourteen cases of Schmallenberg reported in NI

Fourteen cases of the Schmallenberg virus (SBV), which leads to deformities in lambs and calves, have been reported in Northern Ireland. The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) has confirmed 14…


Schmallenberg is back so consider vaccination, warn vets

Sheep and cattle breeders are being advised to assess the value of vaccinating stock following the return of the Schmallenberg virus (SBV) in the UK last year. Last year, SBV…


Sheep farmers urged to post-mortem for Schmallenberg disease

Sheep farmers are being urged to post-mortem lambs with suspected Schmallenberg virus (SBV) to help reveal the extent of the increasing spread of the disease. An industry statement said: “We…

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Sheep crisis: farm leaders meet minister

NFU leaders are meeting farm minister David Heath to discuss the crisis facing sheep farmers. NFU livestock chairman Charles Sercombe and the union's chief livestock adviser Peter Garbutt are meeting…


Video: Schmallenberg disease - sheep farmer's story

Some early lambing sheep flocks have reported up to 50% lamb losses, with costs mounting in to the thousands. Farmers Weekly livestock editor Sarah Trickett visited one Oxfordshire farm where…


VIDEO: Schmallenberg virus outbreak expected

The Institue for Animal Health (IAH) has warned that the Schmallenberg virus has survived the winter and an outbreak is likely to come over the coming months. Professor Peter Mertens…

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