Hill hoggs in demand at Gisburn

A good entry and show of hill hoggs was forward last week at Gisburn Auction Marts for all three classes of Swaledales, Lonks and Gritstones.

Jim Walker and Richard Alpe of Saddle end Farm, Chipping, Preston once again retained their title and name on the Nutter Family trophy, with their pen of 10 Swaledale hoggs weighing 45kgs, they went on to sell for £80 a head to Meadow Top Livestock .


Jim Walker.JPGReserve champion and winners of the first prize with the Lonk class went to Mark and Elaine Hartley, Roughlee, Nelson with his 41kgs Lonk hoggs selling to Roy Schofield at £82.50 a head.

Mark Hartley.JPG Robert Haworth, Helmshore, Rossendale won the Gritstone class, with a pen of five hoggs weighing 44kgs which sold to J and E Medcalfe and Son for £82.


Robert Haworth.JPGJonathan Turner, sheep auctioneer, said: “Prime hoggs are increasing in demand, this was clearly shown today with, prices strengthening all the way to the finish. I am looking forward to a good trade next week and hardening through February in to March as numbers will now become a big player. Having just looked through my diary from last year, on the same sale last year hoggs averaged 178p/kgs. That’s 18p/kg less or £7.56 for a 42kg hogg”.

Auctioneers Richard Turner & Son