Jersey leads the way in dairy supreme championship

In the dairy interbreed it was turn of the Jersey breed toreign supreme and doing the celebrating this week was father and son teamMorris and Adrian Harrison, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, who were tapped out byjudge Peter Prior, Norfolk to take the top spot.

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The champion was Hillside Laser’s Ann, a July born homebredthree-year old by Willoa Laser currently giving 30kg a day. Having been wipedout by foot-and-mouth disease in 2001, the previous Holstein breeders decidedto re-stock with Jersey cattle and now run 130 cows.  Having previouosly taken the juniorinterbreed championship earlier that morning, this is the first outing for Annthis year and is now scheduled for a few local shows close to home.

Son and showman Adrian told Farmers Weekly that he may evenmake a special exception and take her to the Dairy Event and Livestock show tobe held later this year in September.  

Taking reserve spot was the Holstein leader, TernbridgeRoasaland 90 from Ed Seaton, Adderley, Shropshire. Sired by Roylane Jordan, Rosalandwas bought last October from Tim and Brenda Preston’s herd dispersal for3600gns. Having already taken interbreed honours at Shropshire and WestMidlands and Staffordshire Show, she is currently giving 45kg a day with 4.1%butterfat and 3.3% protein.

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It was a reverse outcome in the interbreed group of fivechampionships, where Mr Proctor tapped out the Holstein group, ahead of theJersey group.