Keen bidding for cull cows at Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor market reported an increased entry at 153 cull stock, being of generally better quality and combined with keener bidding, resulting in an improved trade throughout.

Top was 160p/kg for a young Saler cow from Mr R F Rawlins. Native cows in the vanguard when a Devon from Messrs H and D Besley achieved 158p/kg, an Angus from Messrs M R and S K Westcott achieved 149p/kg and a South Devon from Messrs A Cotterrell achieved 147.5p/kg.

Other continental cows rose to 144.5p/kg twice for Limousins from both Messrs Church Farm Publow, who also sold a Blonde at 142.5p/kg and Mr B Vowles. A bid of 142.5p/kg was also realised for a Blue cross cow from Messrs JWO Marsh and Partners. Better suckler cows all made 130p/kg plus.

Sucklers sold to £1,138.47 for a strong 822kg, shapely Simmental from Mr GTJ Boundy. Other sucklers making over £1000 at £1096 was a Saler from Mr DF Rawlins; £1,083.92 for the South Devon from Messrs A Cotterrell, who sold another at £1,056.10; £1,070.18 for the Blue from Messrs JWO Marsh & Partners and £1,001.39 for the Limousin from Mr B Vowles.

Some better dairy cows forward encouraged bidding, which rose to a top of 144.5p/kg for a smart MRI from Messrs AJ Gay & Son Ltd. Holstein Friesians topped at 136p/kg from Messrs PW, MA & RJ Bell. Other best dairy types made 135.5p/kg, Swedish Red and White from Mr RJ Shere; 135p/kg.

A reduced entry of 451 prime hoggs forward, after Monday’s large entry, sold to a trade similar to both last week and Monday reported auctioneers. The best handyweights sold to 216p/kg, 214p/kg, 211p/kg and 202p/kg from Rushmore Estate;

(Greenslade Taylor Hunt)